Thanks to the many beauty blogger blogs and YouTubers I have developed a love of makeup. I also would love to one day make regular videos on YouTube. I have a camcorder although not HD, but its okay for me. Oh and I do have a new digital camera. It was much needed. The video below was made using my Sony Cybershot digital camera, lighting is not perfect but I wanted to do video showing the brushes instead of loads of pictures. I have been unable to do another video as my kids are always awake and love the camera spotlight.
Anyway over Easter holidays I went into Costco and saw that they had row taller than me (well most things are) of their new Makeup brush set. I thought price looks nice, but I was shopping for my sons christening. So when I came home and got on twitter and mentioned my find. So when Vexinthecity tweeted her surprise they were now available in the UK and a bargain, I thought to myself maybe I ought to go back and buy them. After all I was going to the M.A.C. counter in Birmingham to treat myself to a new foundation.

Anyway after watching a few reviews on the tube I went back to Costco and bought myself these brushes. I paid £19.84 which included V.A.T. The cashier admired my purchase and told me she bought some before and loved them. I went back last week and could not see any of the brushes for sale. They seem to sell out quick.

I have been using these brushes for a couple of weeks and I do love them. This is the second set of brushes I have purchase from costco. The Powder Kabuki brush is amazing. I use it for my finishing powders like the m.a.c. skin finish mineralizer. My first few uses I got a few shed hairs but that has seemed to have calmed down. I also love the Foundation brush. It is not the usual flat smooth brush. This one is round. What I am finding is that because of this it is so easy to end up with loads of product so I have to use less of the liquid foundation. The box states you can use it for liquid cream or powder foundations.
For the first time I have a concealer and have made use of the concealer brush. It’s okay. I am not sure what I am supposed to look for in a concealer brush so for now it does the job. I tried to use the Angled eyed contour brush but my technique was poor. Please give me some tips.  Those are the only brushes I have used. Feel free to give me some tips or ideas for the others.
Full list of brushes are:
#100 Powder Kabuki Brush
#101 Angled Contour Brush
#102 Duo- Fiber Blending Brush
#104 Round Foundation Brush
#105 Concealer Brush
#200 Eye Powder Fluff Brush
#201 Eyeshadow Brush
#202 Angled Eye Contour Brush
#203 Domed Smudge Brush
#204 Angled Eye/Brow Brush
also include a Cosmetic Brush Bag