When I took my hair out of the weave I caused damage to my hair. It is not too bad and I know better next time. I accidentally cut my hair at the back whilst removing the thread and tracks. So that means a whole length of hair is gone. Now because the X-pression hair mirrored m own it was hard to tell. Thankfully it was at the back so no one will see. 
I took this picture after combing out my hair after the weave was taken out. I shampooed my hair and conditioned it and used Miss Jessie’s Sweetback Treatment. However I feel although I love that product I need a better product that is cheaper for deep conditioning treatments. This pictue lets me know I have a whole lot of hair. Just do not be fooled. It looks thick and lush. But it is simply dense and fine. my plaits have no oomph to them which is why I stopped doing twists and braids on my own hair unless it is bulked with extensions.
One of my friends who shaved off her hair and wore a TWA for over a year has been growing her hair out. She wears it in a fro with pride. I used to think my face would not suit such a style. However I took my hair out of big plaits and it was styled like a chunky curly fro. I looked in the mirror and thought wow it looks good and would be perfect for this summer with a maxi dress on. However the summer in the UK is not quite here. 
If you know of any good hair treatments that can be done weekly or bi-weekly please let me know. If it is not sold in the UK I will find a way to get hold of it.