I finally bought some “quality” hair. Last year I bought some hair from the hair shop that tangled relentlessly. So I saved up and did research and after a relative bought hair from this company I took it as my okay to go ahead and place an order. I ordered the day before a bank holiday and yet the delivery was about 3 days minus the holiday.
The hair came packaged in a black pull string bag. Each bundle individually wrapped in plastic. I settled for two bundles of 14 and 16 inch length. I am only 5ft1 and doubt I could manage anything longer.
The wefts seem very neat and well put together. Though when I washed the hair there was some shedding. So as a pre-caution before my install I will seal the wefts.
My overall initial review is that the hair feels soft and doesn’t tangle. Comb goes through it easily. There is definitely some shedding which was noticeable when I washed it. Cannot say if shedding is excessive for this hair as vendor hair is new to me compared with going to my local hair shop. I just hope next month when I am wearing this hair it doesn’t tangle. If you buy quality hair and know of any good vendors please let me know. I am hoping to get a lace closure as my own hair is still natural and probably will stay that way.