After reading about some MUA eyeshadow palettes, I found myself travelling to two Superdrugs stores in the hope of getting at least one. I got two which I hope to do a post on later on. However being the impulsive shopper that I am I spotted these lipstick combo sets from the MUA professional line. Alexandra Burke has helped to create a lipstick/lipgloss/highlighter range .
The packaging says that Lip Boom is a 4in1 Lipstick and Highlighting gloss. The four ways to wear it is 1)- Lipstick alone for a matte look 2)- Lipstick with highlighter in the middle – 3)- Lipstick with highlighter all over 4)-Highlighter alone. I bought shades “It’s a situation” which is a deep plum shade and “Doing good” which is like coral pink shade to me.
Now if you look at my pic where I have the lipstick taken apart by accident I discovered the base is removable and there is product in there like a heavily tinted lip balm or could actually be a dollop of the lipstick I don’t actually know. (On the MUA website they don’t actually take the lipstick base off from what I observe in the pics) One thing I do know is that I have worn both lipsticks and prefer the lipstick by itself. The gloss is full of glitter and if you use both in unison it often transfers onto the lipstick wand which I found irritating but other than that its a good product. The lipstick is matte without the dryness of many matte lippies. The colour pigment is very pigmented. Now it does not last as long as say a MAC matte but for £3 it is a bargain and will serve the purpose just fine for me.