It has been such a long time since I have truly shown off my natural hair. So consider this my natural hair length check. Unfortunately I did not get a pic of my hair when it was still wet and in shrinkage city before it was blowdried .

For a long time in fact a couple of years I have felt my ends needed trimming off. I was willing to accept an inch or two coming off as well . So since my friend was going to the salon I decided to squeeze in a visit for myself. I went for a shampoo blow dry and trim.

I went to the Leah Hill Salon in Derby. It is run by Leah who is also joined in the salon by her Nan and Monique. Their clientele is vey diverse in age and ethnicity and they really do cater to all hair needs. You are made to feel at home and they are very child friendly. My kids were not with me on this trip but they have previously been in the salon with no issues.

To begin with Leah shampooed my hair using Keracare dry and itchy formula. Scalp was given a gentle massage and hair conditioned afterwards. After a pat dry hair was detangled and blow dried using a concentrator nozzle and round brush. I enquired the difference between the comb attachment and brush and it was explained that the brush gives a smoother finish to the hair. This was followed up by a flat iron with minimal passes through the hair. I was shown how much hair would be trimmed which was about an inch. My edges were laid with Keracare edge control. It’s a product I have used in the past so I plan to repurchase it.

I love the way Leah did my hair. I am told I ought to give my hair regular trims to help the appearance of my hair and to do treatments again. My hair to me is very fine in texture but dense, there is lots of it. Yet when it is straightened it can lose body so I guess keeping my ends healthy will help. She offers Olaplex treatments which I am keen to try. I have discussed this with her back in the summer as it should be good for my hair whether I have my curls poppin’ or hair straightened or pressed. Something for my next visit.

I must admit I am in awe of how much my hair has grown. It is longer now compared to my relaxer days. I tend to wear protective styles. Styling my hair can be time consuming so I opt for whatever is easiest. I will endeavour by Spring/Summer to wear my natural hair out more. Just need to work out how to style it curly in a way that I like. In the meantime I have options.