I am quite pleased with this pic. No not the state of my edges but the canerow. Yes I was raised calling them both canerow and cornrow and used both. Anyway I have been practicing putting canerows in my hair for a while now. I am getting better. I can see that what I need to do is actually make smaller sections and maybe ease up on the tension. My hair is very fine so unsure how it will look. Just think if I can perfect this skill a bit more I could go on to try crochet braids or even a natural curly style weave. 
From previous advice and YouTube I need to work on my moisture levels. I wish Shea Moist was available in the UK as that looks like it would do the do. I have been told to try Bee Mine sulphur hair serum to help rejuvenate and strengthen my edges. They break and grow back in without me doing much. Though I must give it some TLC.