I originally posted this poem on a forum. it somes up my journey.

Transitioning times

woa is me for these are transitioning times
my scalp is sore my
scalp is over dry
why or why lye
got so used to the creamy crack
thought i couldnt turn back
the abuse that society induced
felt like i was one step away
from injecting the lye to keep my hair in line
now blessed be He who has shown me love for the napp
my hairdresser seemed distressed
whilst my hair is becoming diverse
two textures i have at war
curly roots through to straight limp ends
pass me the shea butter and my wide tooth comb
curls today twists tomorrow
a revolution is amongst us
watch the manufactures scramble
to entice me to buy natural hair care
however now i can make my own
stay blessed forever nappy and loving it!!!