Since my hair was in need of some TLC from the micros i did the following…..

I detangled my hair combing through ends to root. section at a time. Then i lavished my hair with Vatika as a pre-shampoo treatment. I left it on for half and hour. Then I shampooed with creme of nature shampoo. I have yet to find and alternative..suggestions are welcomed. Usually i use my Lush conditioner bar its a green one but cant remember the name off hand.

I squeezed excess water from hair and sectioned it off into four sections and applied to each keracare essential oils, keracare moisturiser, glycerin (which i have found that i need to buy a vegetable based one) and castor oil. each item listed i only use a small amount as the water that is still in my hair helps to spread it through easily. Due to time constraints I had to use a blowdryer. I dont blow dry my hair straight.

Then i just oiled my sclap using organic root stimulator jojoba oil and twisted my hair all over. My hair needed trim so i snipped the ends as explained by Motown girls diary. Oh yeah the front i flat twisted as my canerow didnt look good. I took down my twists just before i went out. The pic looks good. I recieved loads of compliments with this twist out. So looks like me and twists have a new relationship but just for twist outs