Yes thats right. I am wearing my own hair and have been for the past week. This is week 2. i have it styled with canerows in the front and the back is left out. i usually do a braid out which i am am so proud of or i put in a pony. I never realised people could be so obsessed with my hair. quite shocked that some people asked me if it was my own hair. they werent black those that asked.

my two newest purchases have been organic root stimulator jojoba oil it came with a free sample of soy oil and palmers frizz ease serum. now i use the frizz when i set my hair as it makes the style look sharp.

my scalp is still flaking up so i may have to wash it more often. unsure really.

to be honest i thought wearing my hair out would be bad but it is really nice. i am loving it. now i just need to work out how i am gonna do an afro puff for summer.