I have been hastily doing my Christmas shopping in the last few days. After buying a game which required batteries my friend whispered in my ear pound shop as a hint not to buy the same batteries in the toyshop that cost more.
As I have discovered before, the pound shops which all include Poundland Poundworld 99p shop Everythings a £1 etc tend to sell similar stuff with small variations. Previously I came across Rimmel Lipsticks and Sally Henson Nail polishes. Which I could not say no to.
So to my surprise I noticed that Everythings a £1, was selling Wet n Wild eyeshadows and lip liners. Years ago Wet N Wild had a UK website but that closed after a sale and the next thing you know all the beauty vloggers on YouTube and bloggers are raving about the wonderfulness of this cheap brand that gives you high quality for the price. I would love to get hold of the more popular products as the eyeshadow sets but in the mean time I am happy with what I have for now.
So I ended up spending £4 for 8 products. I bought the Wet n Wild beautybenefis triple fusion eyeshadow, the Beauty Brilliance mineral eye shimmer and Dual Effects lip pencils which I had thought was a shadow stick but it will serve a purpose one day. 
Triple Fusion eyeshadow shades:
21121 Lily Bloom
21123 Aqua Marine
21124 Purple Haze
Beauty Brilliance mineral eye shimmer:
21183 Obsidian Glass
21181 Gold Dust
21180 Artic Haze
Dual Effects lip pencil:
21253 Mocha
21255 Blossom