So I have not blogged in a while. I have been so busy doing no fitness focus that I stayed away. This year is almost a quarter of the way done. Which means I need to get back on track fast. My friends are not convinced that I should buy any more fitness videos but I am. However the cost is delaying me even though you can pay in instalments. A while back I wanted to get insanity but after looking at many videos I decided I was not insane enough to justify buying it. Beachbody do have two other dvd’s I would love to purchase. The 1st being Turbo Fire. I am inspired to buy this one after watching Youtuber DivaSlimsDown amazing weight loss journey. She has lost just under 200 lbs of weight through improved diet and exercise. I recommend you check out her before and after videos. The other Beachbody workout I am considering is Slim in 6, though I think I would get on better with Turbo Fire.

I joined MyFitnessPal but for last few months have not made any entries. I plan to start again by next week. You can follow me on there username is SoFitandLush. If you use MyFitnessPal let me know your username so I can be inspired or suggest to me some people to follow.