Fidel Castro after years of hanging onto power has stepped down from his leadership of the island known as Cuba. He led Cuba to a revolution and an era of resistance to the Western super powers.

As expected news agencies reporting various western governments talking about democracy and change. Though i do wonder if the exiled and non-exiled cuban americans who have been laying in wait, some with baited breath for his eventual departure. What will be there next move. Remember scenes in miami of americanised cubans celebrating Castro’s ill health.

It would be a pity if Cuba turned back on itself and the positive things from the revolution are eroded in favour of the world bank, IMF, free trade etc. Cuba has achieved many great things despite the adversities posed by the west known as sanctions.

Cuba has literacy levels above that of the super-power USA. They have top class alternative medicines and they offere free health care.

America has not delayed in saying how she feels. Bush junior has welcomed the resignation of Castro. A feat that no American president could do.

Fact is an era has officially come to an end. So what is the future to be for Cuba.

A side note: who will gain more from a different style of governement in Cuba? white/light skinned cubans which are the only ones you see on telly jumping for joy anytime Castro has had ill health or Afro-Cubans, the people you dont really see. Maybe the question should be who will lose out and who will gain

So long Fidel Castro