Over the last few months we have experienced cold like we have never known. Well we have known it years ago but it caused the whole country to shut down. Pathetic right? So to cope with the snow I bought myself two pairs of boots. My favourite boots from last year from Evans were not being sold this year and the alternative was of no use to me. My other choices would have been a nice dress boots or some furry boots. 
Brand new Rocket Dog Boots
Ugg boots are very comfortable and very expensive, so I sought an alternative. I bought the Rocket Dog Slush Puppy suede ankle boot. It cost me at the time £35 with my discount though having browsed the same catalogue the price is cheaper now (*shrugs*). The heel part is quite stiff and took me ages to push my feet in for the first time. After that it was easy. It fits comfortable and was okay to drive in.
I first wore these in the snow to help me with my balance and it served its purpose. I have also worn them in the rain for a short while. However last week we had a sudden snow slush rain fall. Yep all three elements fell in that order in one day. The slush meant my beloved boots got wet through. I could not understand why they would not dry. However realised the water spread through the fibres and caused a big ole stain.
Water damaged 
My friends on FB suggested I bin them, whilst one friend suggested I put them in the washing machine. Although that idea seemed like mmm maybe it would work, I felt it would make the fur lining hard and uncomfortable. In the end I googled away and many sites suggested wetting the whole boot.  So I got my spray bottle and sprayed water all over the outside and then took and old toothbrush and brushed away to keep the suede looking fresh.
Rejuvenated boots
In the morning I looked at my boots and they looked decent enough to wear. You can still see there is water damage but it is no longer blatantly noticeable. I will ensure I have suede spray at hand as I do have some lovely boots from Dulcis years ago that are suede and will definitely benefit from the suede spray protection.