In the UK for the last week the sun has been oh so hot. I am so loving it. The weather in the UK can be so unpredictable so I am enjoying it while I can. I bought 2 maxi dresses from Primark just to celebrate. Though because of my height 5ft 1″, I have to wear a belt to pull the dress up off the floor and also to give shape as my bosom is ample and these dresses turn into curtains on me. 
People seem so much happier when the weather is like this 25C being the top temperature so far where I live. I know other areas have hit 28C. Yes please Lord, more sunshine like this. Especially as my sons school fayre is over a month away and last year thunder and lightening ruined such a fun day. I have a task at hand now. To find clothes for my oldest son who is so slim he has to wear a belt of adjustable waist. I bought some cotton shorts only to find the drawstring was an accessory an served no purpose. All labels popped off so I cant even take it back grrrr.
As for me I hoping to break out of my shell this year. Since my weight gain which I have yet to conquer I have played it somewhat safe. Though I am now starting to venture into colours and styles I would usually avoid. My friends seem happy about this. Curvy fashion bloggers like Gabi Fresh I find so inspiring when it comes to clothes. I used to be as toned as her but smaller in size but two kids later and a less active lifestyle now I have rolls (bb sad face). However it is nothing a spare of spanx or some lesser known brand cant solve. I will I will conquer my weight. I just won’t give up. In the meantime no need to look frumpy.
All I need now is a decent pair of sandals that I can drive in and I am good to go. I hope you all are enjoying the summer weather wherever you are. Have a blessed week!