As most of you know i had to dash to the hospital on Thursday as i had a slight scare. But they had sent me home after running numerous checks scans monitors etc.
Friday morning 9th sep…i am at home on the pc checking my emails. about 8.30am. When i got up the seat was wet and i know i aint weed or had the urge. My friends mum run me off the computer and the phone and told me to call the midwife, cos i assumed it was a week bladder i didnt call till a bit later. Anyway they told me to come in to the hospital for yet again more checks.
In hospital hooked up again to monitors listening to babies heart rate and movements. they took swabs and said its the fluid from around the baby.(my waters had broke) Therefore you are staying in hospital for observations. You know i wanted to cry as i werent ready to stop in hospital yet. I was put on antibiotics to prevent infections and also given steroid injections to make babies lungs stronger and speed up its growth. The injection was in the bum and it hurt it stung could not sit on my bum for a good few minutes.(i had to endure the injection the following day)

saturday morning the doctors said no your not going home as they needed to keep a close eye on me. throughout saturday i was experiencing slight aches like one would experience if they was on their period. i didnt think anything of it. my cousin told me if they get worst to tell the people.

i went to bed about 10/11pm saturday night and woke up after 12midnight with unbearable pain in my lower back and some in abdomin but mainly back pain. so i buzzed as you do. the midwives assessed me and gave me paracetemol. useless i buzzed again this time i was hooked up to a monitor to check the baby and look for signs of contactions. even a doctor examined me. was told no contractions being picked up on the monitor, my womb is closed etc. To think they’re telling me this i am still getting this awful pain that stopping me sleeping.
i was given Codeine and that didnt work its like the pain doubled in intensity. so in the end i figured i am gonna just wallow in pain as they aint helping meand they said they couldnt give me anymore pain killers as you have to wait so many hours in between bla bla.

i was trying to walk the pain out twisting up myself. i was close to tears and they told me to try a warm bath. i collapsed in pain in the bath. 2 midwives helped me out and i was shivering now. one was helping me breath through the pain which did help a bit but all i was thinking was i just need a pain killer. (at one point i thought it was trapped wind)

a doctor examined me after i was helped out the bath the pain had moved to down there. doctor goes the head is just there. so they whisked me off down to the delivery suite ER style. i didnt even see where i was going i was in pain and holding on to the side of the bed.

in the delivery room i was asking for pain relief (as far as i was concerned thats all i needed) but they said no. as they needed me to feel when i needed to push etc. within a few minutes he was born. the hardest part was the head as it burns but once the head is out the body follows. they put my labour down as 4 and 1/2 hrs. i went from closed womb to fully dilated within minutes. i am told its not meant to be that way. no tears, stitches etc so i think i done good.

he was born at 0654hrs sep 11 and weighed 1.5kilos or 3 pounds 6 and 1/2 ounces 43cm long. he breathed by himself from day one. he was 7 weeks early so is in the special baby unit. the dr told me that once he can feed by mouth and his temp is maintained well outside an incubator i can take him home. aaah

i am told i look well. i will be taking it easy for awhile. but as even though he is still in hospital i express milk for him every 3 hours ish even through the night. i am still in shock it hasnt quite sunken in but i just thank God that he is doing well.