I received a Kindle this past Christmas as a gift. It came after the holidays due to the high demand at the time. I was so happy I got it and spent an hour getting to know it. I even called the folk at Amazon just to make sure my Wi-Fi was set up correctly. For detailed information of the Kindle please check out the Amazon Kindle page
Apparently I love gadgets so I went for the Kindle with free 3G and Wi-Fi. It cost at the time £149 (now due to the hefty VAT increase it costs £152) and this version means in about 100 countries you can download books on the go. When I think about it. I did not really need the extra spend, but hey.
The digital display uses a technology called E-ink pearl, which makes it look like the text in an actual book. You do not get any glare. The only downside is that there is no optional light for when you need it. Though there are cases with lights and clip on lights if you needed it. I have not bought any of those. 

I find it so easy to use, switching between books without losing my page. There was a recent update so now you get to see the page numbers. So I am really happy about that. One thing I have neglected to take advantage of are the free books. These can be found listed in the forums or simply by checking out the Kindle bestsellers list. Some of the free books I have are , Instant MBA by Nicholas Beaton and The Book of Household Management by Mrs Isabella Mary Beeton. I have also bought Alan Sugar’s biography. I like the fact that for days when my pockets are thin I can just download a freebie to bide my time till I feel flush again.
I prefer to use the Kindle for novels and hefty reads. Less likely to use it for a cookbook as essentially it is grey scale black and white. I was against e-readers for a long time but now since I own one and use it, I love them. It is weighted like a book and with the leather cover I got from eBay for it that cost £8.99 I cannot complain.
Oh yes I can. The screen savers are randomly generated authors and art and things like that. I am not a fan of most of those literary greats so it does nothing for me. Now if it were possible to dictate what the screen savers show, so that it was pictures of my choosing than I would be happy. Using Facebook on this is ok but the web toolkit is not quite ready for full on browsing. There is supposed to be an option to tweet bits from what you are reading but as my mobile tweets and pc/laptop its neither here nor there for me.
Great device. Prices of books not as cheap as I would expect due to publishers greed. However bargains are out there if you dedicate some time for it.