I do not know what I would do if boots became a victim to the credit crunch / recession like Woolworths. I have a Boots Advantage Card, which is their reward card. For every £1 spent you get 4 points. I try my best to keep those points adding up. Last year I managed to save enough points to get a digital camera worth £99.99 absolutely free. Thank you Boots.

Anyway Boots sends it’s members bonus point tickets and offers all the time. This time was the offer of buying a Mascara worth about £5 (have seen a few different prices) for just £1. The first boots I went into they were sold out. Luckily the second Boots store had them in stock still.

The 17 Infinite Lash Defining Mascara has one of those wands that is rather fine and not bushy. So it really does separate the lashes as you apply. I like the way it looks but compared to Maybelline the Colossal and Diorshow, it does not give loads of volume. I only used two coats so maybe to get that oomph I love I will try 3. The brush is easy to use which is a bonus. Just feeling my lashes now they do not feel clumpy like some can make them feel. If on a budget worth a buy. 17 is the younger and somewhat more vibrant sister to Boots No7 Cosmetics brand. It may grow on me.

Have you tried it? Is there a brand of Mascara that you absolutely love no matter what the cost?