Well 2009 is here. What can I say about my hair. My edges need tender loving care and I am over due for a trim. I do bad things to my hair like gel it down for the week when I just cannot be bothered.

But there is hope. One of my favourite hair bloggers is back with a new blog showcasing her talents and her beautiful hair. Her old site www.roshini.net can now be found here http://www.glamazini.com/ and get this….she has a YouTube channel. I do too but no videoes as I have no video camera. So go check her out.

It is my birthday this month, so I am just trying to figure out what to do with my day or the weekend before. I must treat my hair to some TLC. I need to try new products too. I am getting bored of my Instant Afro weaves etc etc. It is just the styling that is the problem for me. For some reason I went from being able to say yes to twist outs to nah they aint for me.

Lets see if my attitude changes. Maybe some hair dye might help.