I know it is now 2010 and after the new year celebrations I pretty much forgot about the new year. I spent new years day cruising down the M1 to see some of my family in London. I stayed at my cousins house in South Norwood. It was good for me. Though my eldest is missing his baby brother who is on holiday and a mixed review. Everyday he told me he wanted to go home NOW.

I am just glad I came home when  I did. We are in one serious cold snap. Snow is falling around me and is not the best thing to drive in. Now though I do need to go back to London soon as some are not happy I did not visit. I will not drive the next time I go down. I want my kids to experience public transport. Sounds cruel considering public transport is the most uncomfortable journey you can ever make.

I hope I can give this blog a semi facelift. I want the design to be slightly different and change the colour scheme altogether. I also hope to start writing on more than just my thoughts. Fingers  crossed. I own all three of my blogs URL’s. However only one was bought through Google via GoDaddy the other two I bought seperately. The whole CNAME thing escapes me so I am at  lost with that.

I pray that 2010 has started well for you. If not do not dismay it will get better