People will always tell you you need to get your priorities in life right. They will always tell you that treating yourself is not the way to go. I disagree. I believe you should enjoy life with your priorities in the right place but also to treat yourself to the things you want. Especially if it is not doing any harm to anyone else.

So anyway here a few things I would like to treat myself too.

  • My very own 4 bedroom detached house with a nice size garden. So my boys can run free when the weather is good. Getting on the ladder is beyond ridiculous. Must keep dreaming and trying.
  • A Mac book basic or pro (the silver one). I have decided that a standard laptop is not the way to go. Time to try something different.
  • Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit family entertainment that keeps you moving.
  • Disney World Florida, for my boys though as the youngest is 1yrs old this may be delayed.
  • A hard disk camcorder with 40 – 60gb internal ram
  • An external hard drive size 1TB
  • A big car SUV, 4X4, Jeep whatever they are called I want one. There are some hybrids out there so the environment should still be my friend. I think Lala Vasquez’s pink Range Rover is soooo cute.
  • My own business or two. Need more than one source of income.
  • Debt free.

Right now I am so itching to just get up and put a Wii on my plastic but is resisting. If only I could get on the property ladder. Imagine waking up one day and being told here you go. Your own house no mortgage no rent. Imagine.

There are many more stuff that I want, but these were the ones I could think of right now.