I managed to get my nails filled and shortened. I now know for sure that shorter nails are far more practical. I was not too impressed with this particular nail salon. They usher you out when nails are just dry and not fully dry. So I have smudged nails. You have to look closer to see. If at the time I was not on my way to get my kids I would have walked back and said “Yo! re-touch these £19 for in fills and design. The design I copied from my friend and the nail technician re-jigged it so it was more of an inspiration.

These nails need re-doing again. So if you look close enough you can see the gap between the acrylic and my cuticles. I am stretching these boys out. One more thing. As I had them shortened they now look a bit on the thick side. So I might have to force myself to get a full new set when I finally go to the nail shop again.