TK Maxx is slowly becoming ne of my favourite places to shop for handbags. They are always shelved or hanging in their colour groups which can be useful. A few weeks ago I bought this lovely purple and gold Baby Phat handbag. The only down side is that it does not have a zip. It simply fastens with a magnetic button which is no good for the amount of stuff I can convince myself I can carry in there. Though I figured it is perfect for work and whatever else you would need a bag for.
I only paid £12.00 for it. Normally I would never buy something just because it looks good. Um well as some of my friends read my blog I might as well be honest. I just bought it because the price made it a pretty bargain and it came in my favourite colour combination. It reminds me of my childhood in Los Angeles. Cheerleaders wearing purple, yellow (gold in my eyes) and white etc etc. I just like purple.
What do you think of my impulsive buy? I am sure I will be in TK Maxx again soon as they have a really cute Apple Bottoms bag that is in some arty looking green combo that I want.