I have been gone for over a week I estimate. Well one day my brother came by and I was downloading paid for stuff and demo’s only for my laptop to crash and never reboot. It just kept rebooting and would not get back to desktop.

My friends dad is such a kind man had a look at it and when he couldn’t do no more asked his brother. He is one of those people that knows how to fix computers and basically he ended up stripping the whole thing down. The problem turned out to be that one of the memory sticks had died. At one point I was thinking I need to get me a desktop PC.

Saw a beautiful HP desktop in Comet for £450. I only had £200 and was this close to financing the rest in this ridiculous financial environment we are in. But hey God is good and I didn’t do that I just said will think on it. But soooo happy my Laptop is fixed. It is running on half the memory it had but as it is XP and not Vista I can get away with it.

In brief I have been back at work. So weird seeing all the new faces and figuring out where all my work buddies are. So much to catch up on. Some I speak to outside of work anyway. Been in training on new products and a new department with hours to suit me and my childcare arrangements. I also have loads of holiday entitlement which I am going to book ASAP.

So far I have managed to get my make-up on each morning before work. I save time by not using foundation or powder. At present I can get away with that. Though if I could find a foundation or powder that offers sheer or light cover I would be so happy.

So exhausted and will be spending the next week gathering all my bookmarks again.