Star Jones made a documentary for BET called Heart of the City :Dying to eat in Jackson. It is about the problems faced by obesity and the challenges it creates. The show talks with men and women who are obese of different ages who share their challenges in losing weight. They often have a reason to make changes such as being more mobile improving health and breaking the cycle for their children.

I found the documentary very inspiring. One lady had lost 100lbs in a year and is aiming to lose more. The initiatives that have been set up for weight loss and educating about benefits of changing to healthy food choices are really good.

Star Jones says about her involvement in the show

I used to be scared to step out there on the issue of Obesity but I realized that I wasn’t being fair because I have a public platform and I need to use it for good…………I am not the “poster child” for a specific weight loss method but I am a true advocate for adopting a healthy lifestyle because with all humility, doing so has saved my life.

I found this documentary very inspiring. As you know my weight is a love hate relationship. I procrastinate a lot but have been making efforts. Have you seen this documentary yet? What are your thoughts?

Read more on the documentary and get helpful information on the website for the show Heart of the City.