October marks the month of awareness for Black History in the UK. Many people fight against this month whilst forgetting that the UK history books are filled with purposely left out events. Not many schools in the UK teach anything about Slavery, African dynasties or the civil rights movement in the USA. I am pro Black History and anything that encourages people to spend time to get to know it, is alright with me.

African history pre-dates slavery. It is this history that is often neglected. Have you seen the hieroglyphics. This part of ancient history people often gloss over the fact that Africans of dark complexions and features were around and doing great things. You just cannot settle for what people tell you. In the UK Black British history usually stops at Mary Seacole and the Windrush era. Yet Olaudah Equiano was a 18th century writer and anti-slavery campaigner and Cornelius is said to be the 1st recorded African in London whose time dates back to 1593. Even back then racism was around as Queen Elizabeth banished Africans and Black moors from England. Yet a century later they wanted to know Africans for their own material gain.
No harm in learning your history. Especially when you already know everyone else’s.
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