In the midst of summer I spoke of my love for Blackberry phones after I left Nokia and headed in a new direction. I must admit though. I never upgraded to the Blackberry Curve 8520. I use T-Mobile and for some reason it has only just started showing up as an up and coming phone on their website. The store staff are just that. Luckily I never got the new curve which I had raved about to all my friends and any blackberry newbie. It does not have a camera flash. I am quite shocked by that. It just does not make sense for a modern day phone in 2009.

My addiction to reading about Blackberry’s has kept me visiting on a regular the Crackberry Website. They talk about all the various things you can do with your phone, list all blackberry devices and discusses in detail rumoured and up and coming phones. The new Storm and the new Bold both progressed from rumours and code names to actual releases.

So as I browsed the Crackberry forums I kept reading about the Bold 9700 or Onyx. Plus there was a UK thread with release info some claiming insider knowledge galore. So when RIM made it official I was very happy. I have spoken to T-Mobile and the nice worker said that it was on their books but no release dates yet. According to the forums it may be out on T-Mobile early to mid November. It is already available for pre-order on Vodafone. Though seriously if T-Mobile USA can have it available now why not in the UK surely you are the same global company. SMH

Looks like I will be getting my upgrade soon. Everyone around me has the Curve 9000 Curve 8520 and the Pearl. I already know that the maximum expandable memory the Bold 9700 will accept is 32gb, so its just a case of finding a good bargain on a micro sd card.

PS – If you have any tips for using the Blackberry, useful applications etc let me know.