I was convinced by friends to join them and go Blackpool for the day. This of course would mean that I would be driving down the full two hour journey myself. A distance I have never driven before. My only real concern was not being able to keep up with those who knew were they were going. My only backup was my teenage passenger who could only look ahead and behind to see the other cars, (there were 5 in total) and the satnav which kept telling me to exit at some random place when know one was turning off.

I made it there and back safely. It was a lovely day despite the rain. I am sooooo happy and proud of my almost 3yr old. He walked up and down for about 9 hours and didn’t complain. I was grateful that although at the last minute his dad kept his baby brother at home.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a really nice place to go and visit. You have the seaside of which the night view is lovely. The theme park bit is opposite and its huge. They cater for all ages. You have a choice of getting a wristband that gets you on all the rides or just buy a few tokens. The majority of us all that went bought wristbands. I thank my good friend for helping a sister out.

We were told the wristband bought on the day would be £18 for kids 2-11 and £26 for 11yrs and older. Backside when we reach the prices were showing as £25 and £32. I would have been happy just to walk round and lose some weight for the day.

The sore point of the day was when we reached the ticket desk and my friends were redeeming their tickets bought online. To be told that they need a newspaper cut out to get the discount otherwise will need to pay another £20 each to get a ticket. You what! My friend just asked this blond girl behind the desk some questions just to explain because tickets were bought online and did not mention any conditions. You know what that bimbo said. “I can’t be bothered to deal with them anymore”. Damn cheek.

Now this is the best bit which makes me laugh. She ran round the back bawling her eyes out making out to the duty manager Adam that we were being horrible to her. He came out pointing fingers being rude. He was taken aside and explained what and what went on and also pulled up for his behaviour. He apologised. But you know what sometimes you need to take things further and they will be receiving a letter of complaint. He was talking discrimination and no one mentioned that. So you know in the back of your head what his agenda was.

Anyways that was that. I tell you now the rides are huge and definitely thrilling. The Pepsi Max is said to be one of tallest roller coasters in the world. You are taking 200ft in the air and then it just drops you turns you sideways. I didn’t know whether to scream or laugh or simply duck. Other rides I went on were Iron Bru, Rat race and a few kiddie ones with my son. I point blank refused to go on the haunted houses, passages etc they have.

Food choices were alright. We ate all you can eat Italian. I did not like look of the pasta so just ate pizza non stop till I was full and garlic bread. mmmmm. Of course no trip to the British seaside is complete without buying sugar dummies, candy floss and loads of candy rock. I think I splurged a bit here so will be giving some rock away. After all I still need to get in shape.

One more thing. I had to drive back in the dark and my friends disappeared from my sight. But luckily I caught them up and reached back safely.

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