I have been tinkering with this much loved new feature since it popped up at the beginning of March. However I have had to play around with a few things. I for some strange reason did not realise the importance of resizing YouTube videos for my blog. So a case of trial and error and finally thanks to Google I was able to sort that problem out. I will eventually go through every single post and edit the videos on them. I know some of my gadgets and pictures in the sidebars need re-sizing but that will be done over the coming few days (give me a weak).

So what do you think of the new look. Have I chosen the right colours. My HTML is not as on point as I would like it to be otherwise I would have put some brown and gold swirls throughout. However I think it turned out okay. Please give me some constructive feedback. Any suggestions for what to fill my 2 side columns with please leave a comment.
Stay Blessed!!