I did read a while back that one of my favourite singers Brandy would be returning to the music scene. I can not wait to get the album. I am already loving the new single ‘Right Here (Departed). It reunites her back with Rodney Jerkins who helped create some of her classic hits.

The video is directed by Little X and does this futuristic thing. The person is there but then you blink and they are gone. On BET’s Access Granted, Brandy more or less said the message is open and that the video will give different meanings to different people. I must watch it again to clarify.

I do love the way Brandy styles her hair at times. The curly weave she is rocking in the video is really nice. Yes she is still the face of the Brandy collection of protein hair by Ultimo. I used to be so envious of her Braids and could never achieve her look. But that is life. But backside she is marga. But she does not look sick with it though.

I do agree with BrownSista, Ms Norwood’s style is pretty much the same from her last album cycle. It must be what she is comfortable with. The promo shots I have seen are okay. But it is like the record company are still clinging to her youth. When they should be showcasing her as the beautiful woman that she is.

The embed function has been disabled on her YouTube channel. So here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeoVHUQuzR0

Her 5th album titled ‘Human’ is due to be released in November.

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