I have been a Bravissimo shopper since I was at university. I am a person who always has difficulty finding bras that fit or more importantly come in my cup size. There was a time when some shops only extended their cup range to a D cup bra. I in those days discovered I had long outgrown my D cups and was in fact a 34G. Yikes!!!
A few years and body changes a bit of extra fat (thank you children and my stationary job), I began to realise that my bossom having also been a 36HH was no longer receiving the support it needs. The extra weight meant I was squeezing in. I did increase my back size to 38 to no avail. I have many friends whose chests are plentiful with back sizes ranging from 28 upwards who always looked well supported. I just assumed my bras were worn and continue buying the same size. When I eventually lose my extra fat I will need to have a re-fitting.
Anyway during my trip to my hometown London I used a day trip with one of my good friends to visit Bravissimo in Oxford Circus. I had previously been to the Nottingham store so had an idea of what to expect. Inside is gorgeous and very cosy. The staff were all friendly, even the ones not serving you greeted you with a smile. Downstairs I booked a fitting and chilled on the comfy sofas.
The fate of many of my bras!!
My fitter for the day was Jade, a very tall lady. Well everyone is taller than me. She was very nice and pleasant and explained how the fitting would go. Bravissimo do not use any measuring tapes. They use your current bra as a guide and assess fitting and cup based on that. Bravissimo ensure you fit in the bra and that you are not falling out at the sides or underneath etc. Some women like moi often find that they need a bigger cup size and not necessarily a bigger back size. Some find they need a smaller back size altogether. I overheard a woman in the next changing room find out she was a 28HH. Now that is some front huh.
My fitter supplied a handful of bras with various styles and explained how she felt they would fit. She even knew which bras tended to come small or larger and how they tend to fit. I was relieved to find out that it was not my plumpness that caused the bones in the bra to poke me in my armpit but simply it was the wrong bra for me. I was told that as my bossom is full in the centre (no gap), it would be hard to find a bra where the bone sits flat agains the chest bone. Once it was agreed my correct size(s) I was left to try on at will. So now I know I cant put on anymore weight as I am now a 38J/JJ. During my last pregnancy I was a 36K so I shudder to think about it too much. I have been to places that sell bras and use tape measures in the past. One made me feel almost like a freak as the lady more or less told me to leave as they did not cater for me.
I now tend to buy half of the bras I buy from Bravissimo. I can not fault them. The in-store experience is well worth it as is the discussion you have on the phone. I have yet to shop online but I would assume you would enjoy it none the less. Now I am waiting for the next sale. When your chest is ample you simply have no where to get a bargain bra. I can only dream of finding a £10 bra one day in my size.
Check out the Bravissimo website
If they do not have store near you, there is newsletter that contains all the latest styles and information on any sales they have. Also a perfect way to check out their clothing range made with the Bravissimo girl in mind. I intend to try their clothes one day. I just need to save.