I bought this product called Eylure Eybrow shapers in Boots. When I first used it my eye brows has been waxed a fortnight before and had some strays that needed removing. It worked perfectly. I just cleaned my brows with either white rum (thats the Jamaican in me. Over proof white rum has so many uses) or clean and clear or something similar. I was so amazed.

So with fully grown brows and faced with a night out with my girls to celebrate Shezza’s 3.0 birthday I thought I would have a go at a complete reshape. These things are like a very strong  sellotape. You get 3 strips which contain 21 shapers for different parts of the brow. I almost messed up my brows. Thankfully my husband has his uses.

He shaped them using a brand new loose razor. He told me he rescued my brows. So I guess I will still try to do them myself but also seek a professional of some sort.

Do you think he did a good job? I am wearing in the pic about 3 different shades of Barry M dazzle dust,( unsure of colour) numbers and Sleek Mascara.