The most recent X-Factor show included a group of girls going by the name of Bun N Cheese. They said on the show they chose this name because its their favourite food and they eat it every day. They even used food like nicknames. Their audition was terrible. Though I just happened to listen to their Ace n Vis Interview on 1xtra radio via Youtube. They said they sang other songs which were done well but not shown. So they did an impromptu acapella to prove they can sing. They can indeed sing and may just need a bit more fine tuning and work at shifting the nerves. The potential is there. I would love to see the un-edited bits from the audition. It just goes to show that these shows all come with a bias. It does make me wonder “who” the producers of these shows actually want. There was a guy who could clearly sing some old soul and they said no despite the audience loving his audition. They said yes when he sang James Brown. smh.
Anyway check out both videos and compare. I am not saying they are brilliant but they definitely do have potential. They should forget x-factor and try make it on their own.