Judging by what the media and various aid agencies show you. It would be easy to assume that Africa is just one big ole land mass of poverty and destitution where staying alive is a job all in itself. This may ring true for certain parts of Africa in some cities. However there is a vibrancy in Africa the media will not readily talk to you about.

Sisters Chioma and Oluchi Ogwuegbu have made it their mission to highlight all that is good in Africa. They are travelling by road and embracing Africa and her people various cultures in it’s beauty. Their journey began July 2008 and is destined to end July 2009.

After the journey which is funded by themselves and donations, they will write a book and short film as well as help other young Africans make the journey too. That to me sounds really good.

People forget that Africa is where life began. The oldest fossils are in Africa. Africa has a wealth and history that pre-dates many of these younger nations around today.

Please take a look at the site and read about their journey and Celebrate Africa.