If you did not know it was winter you must have the best insulation and central heating in the UK. Plus you must surely not leave your yard at all.

I woke up to a blanket of snow….Well I didn’t actually. I woke up to look outside and everything was covered in frost. Within 10 minutes or so it started snowing thick fluffy snow. It was settling like it had no intention of leaving. I was not thinking it was a beautiful sight to see. I was actually more concerned with if I could drive in the snow filled road. I have had my license for one year and a bit now and have never had to drive in snow.

My husband didn’t seem concerned. As I set off for work I went slow and each time I got a little confidence with lickle bit more speed but not too much the tyres began spinning and skidding and the car started to edge sideways. Thankfully the main streets were just slush and snow well trodden. Phew. Always in life there is a time to experience something new.

The pictures look pretty. The picture above was taken outside my bathroom window. I like the way I actually captured the snow falling. Winter mornings do not look inviting.

Well for the 1st time in years I have bought a Christmas Tree. I usually let husband decide when to get one and we always end up 2 days before empty handed as they have all been sold. This time I made it my mission. After all I have 2 boys now and the oldest is 3yrs old. He will appreciate the decor.

I bought a 6ft black and silver dressed tree. It comes with 50 decorations and 60 clear fairy lights and 519 dipped tips. I have know idea what dipped tips mean. So I am guessing it means the ends gave a colour tinge or something. What is even more better is that the original price for the tree was £39.99 and I snapped it up for a mere £9.99 from Argos. That is a credit crunching bargain. Pity they couldn’t add on the extra VAT discount that the government is issued to all. Hey it is still a bargain.

Now all I have to do is buy presents. If I could £150 only on presents and do something creative for gifts I would love that. Any Christmas shopping tips and gift ideas welcomed.