I always end my day with the news headlines and maybe if I can stretch to “the Newspaper headlines”, thanks to the Sky news channel. Anyway in media the big hoo ha at the moment is bringing everyone into broadband. Like the BBC there is a tax proposal, whereby everyone in the UK who has a fixed telephone line would be charged about 50-60 pence per month. Thus raising the revenue to enable those out in the sticks to have access to super fast broadband.

I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Phone bills are costly enough without having extra taxes added onto them. The phone companies will simply pass this charge onto the customer. When surely if the telecommunication industry want to reach more rural customers they need to use some of their revenue and invest in laying whatever pipes would be needed. Taxes are too high in Britain already and why take more away from us. Before you know it you will be paying the same amount per year as the BBC receives. At least half of the BBC should get his money elsewhere. Plus they have all those foreign branches of no benefit to us in the UK. Kiss Teet !!!!!!