I must confess I do like to shop and buy on impulse. Though I research like crazy. However I was thinking to myself yesterday I need to relax in the evening when the boys are sleeping. So I thought why not get a Yoga game for my DS.

The prices I saw for this ranged from £20 to £11. So off I go today to have a look after work. I ended up in HMV expecting to pay the least amount and surprisingly bought the last copy in the shop for £8. They had quite a few games going cheap, but I had to restrain myself as I am going on holiday in just over a week.

Personal Yoga training promise to teach you the skills in 15 minutes per day. You learn and progress at your own pace. There are over 180 poses to chose from. Yoga is meant to be could for relaxation. I will master this. I put on a stone though no one seems to have noticed. So my weight loss goals have just gotten harder. Lets hope my DS can help me out plus all the other stuff that I have at my disposal