I cam across Dustin Brown whilst reading some tweets by @Jamaica . Having told my FB friends that Jamaica needs to come along and turn tennis on its head as we do in athletics this is an interesting find or rather stumble upon.

Dustin is a Jamaican tennis player who was born in Germany. He is said to be the 1st Jamaican to play at Wimbledon for 40years. Although he lost his debut game to someone seeded above him. It may be worth knowing his world ranking is 55 places above that of the British number 2. So Mr Brown has a skill and talent that just needs tweaking. If tennis could gain such a high standing as athletics and cricket in Jamaica I am sure he would have had the pick of coaches. Let us hope he makes it happen.

Please read more on Dustin Brown in the Telegraph Article and check out his website .

Whilst searching for more info on this tennis player I cam across wonderful blog that showcases current and up and coming Black Tennis players including those making their ways through the tennis ranks from Junior to professional. Its called Black Tennis Pro’s and is worth a browse or two.