So after a long period off work due to childbirth. I am due to return in the next few weeks. I have been for an interview for a different job altogether. I am trying to get into the NHS or a decent government job that pays well and does not stress me out. I went for a receptionist position and lost out because someone had 10yrs GP experience behind them. However I got excellent feedback and was told to keep applying. So I expect to be rewarded with pastures new by January. Fingers crossed!!!!!

I currently work in a modern day sweat shop. I refer to it that way because it is a call centre and you are limited in what you can do for people. Flexible working is the law for parents but companies have this loophole that they get to use by simply saying ‘business needs…cannot accommodate…..etc etc ‘. How do they expect you to show empathy when they are not doing the same to you. Anyway I decided I will stop fighting them. They all know how I feel. For all the hate of my last call centre job they were better at adjusting shifts.

I am applying for different positions that will remove stress off of my head but….will see. In the meantime I am job hunting. I am also looking into setting up my own business but all things in time. I need more than a pay cheque/slip. I need a good life and a job that doesn’t send me to mental hospital. Or I could always get signed off with stress.