It amazes me that in this day and age Black voices are being silenced in the UK, if they do not conform to the status quo. The decision by the BBC to sack Geoff Schumann is testament to this. This is Geoff’s second dismissal by radio. His first occurred back in 2004 when unfortunately Choice Fm owners sold their once fully black owned and legal radio station to Capital Radio.

It was alleged that he was given a 5 minute meeting with the new bosses who cancelled his contract immediately thus ending his 7 year reign as a top DJ there. 2004 sacking In regards to the recent sacking, it seems from what I have been able to gather from message boards, that its due to his inclusiveness of black interests.

I cannot say for certain if this is the case as I no longer live in the big city, However the consensus is that since he started to have more black guests and discussions this has happened. Once I find a source to this I will confirm, but just tune into the BBC and see if he is on the roster and that will tell it all.

Remember Henry Bonsu, the black intellect who often makes guest appearances on sky news’ what the paper say’ and many other media outlets. He was faced with the same predicament. The British Broadcasting Channel’ radio end could not handle a black intellectual having debates regarding black people that was not about shaking your booty, but more about politics and issues affecting people on a regular basis. Imagine being sacked for being an intellectual.

The BBC is consistent in non-delivery of services to everyone who partakes in its funding. The question which has been raised before is – should the license fee be paid by those who do not benefit? The BBC 1Xtra is a farce, heralded as the new home, at the time of black music. Surely we are served well by music already. Give us our own African and Caribbean Network, with a mixture of talk radio debates politics. Alternatively let us opt out of the fee!!!

Please check out the colourful radio , you may find something you like, Also have a read in this independent Bonsu interview . If I find a more up to date interview I will post it here.