On Sunday went to church as usual. It was so cold outside. I almost thought to myself I should be staying inside. However I was ready and off I went. By the end of service snow was lightly falling. It is beautiful to look at it when it is light.

By early evening the snow was picking up some pace. Everywhere is covered in snow. I was just so amazed to see it coming down thick and furious. I woke up this morning to the chill factor of thick snow. I had to spend a few minutes getting the snow of the windows . So what do I do? I open my car door turn on the wipers and end up covered in snow and the inside of my car too. I just was not thinking. Maybe the snow clouded my brain lol.

Last time I faced driving in the snow, I was skidding and quite scared. This time I made sure I got to the main road ASAP. Driving was a breeze. The place just looks so bright and frosty. The weather reporters say more snow is eminent but it will change to sleet than rain to wash it all away. I do not think I could manage Canadian snow.

As for London. Oh my days!! I just have to wonder why is it so easy for London to come to a stand still. There is no reason for the nations capital to be brought to a standstill. Public transport not looking so great now huh. Plus the strikes against the Italian foreign workers at the refineries are walking up and down in the snow.

Anyway I am fully prepared now and have bought myself a winter essentials car kit. I know I should have bought it when winter began, but hey. It comes with 1 litre screen wash, 400ml deicer spray, lock deicer, scraper/squeegee/sponge, chamois di-mister pad and a bottle of WD40 spray. All for just £9.99 from Halfords.

Listening to the news now and apparently there is more snow to come. Russia threatens our gas supply with their feud with their neighbour. Now they have given us their snow. LOL.