I can only imagine what the Simpson family are going through right now. The convicted 7 men, whose current ages range from 17 to 31, worked in cahoots in a plan to steal from a Matalan shop which resulted in the murder of the shops manager. Jamie Simpson was killed as the villains made a vain attempt to rob the store in the hope of taking £30k of money they did not work for.

The final verdicts are as follows :

Kobina Essel, 19 was found guilty of murder. Simeon Jumah, Anthony Maina, and a 17-year-old youth, were convicted of manslaughter.

Jamal Chambers, 18, Roy Williams, 31, and Duane Owusu, 20, all from London, were unanimously found guilty on the conspiracy to rob charge. (source 1source 2)

My heart goes out to the Simpson family and friends who have been deeply affected by this tragic loss.