You know my life has been full of people telling me what they feel is right for me. Yet my opinion is not right for them. I give up sometimes. It just goes in one ear and out of the other. Especially if you are nagging me. You have your opinions and so do I.

Some friends have turned their back on brothers and are telling me the materialistic reasons why doing so is so good. Me being me, I am like “there are good decent brothers out there”. So you know just because you have gone for the rough please do not swipe all of them with the same brush. I have two sons to bring up and backside I am not going to allow anyone to pre-determine who they are by the colour of their skin. You love who you love and that all there is to it.

Rant over. I might write a thought provoking piece on that but will see. Anyway I have been thinking about what I like to do and need to do. So firstly I need to do a course and complete it. I need to get healthy and start listing what I eat. I am kind of addicted to the dummies series of books. I have ‘Nutrition for Dummies’. I believe if I start reading it again I can educate my mind into making healthier choices. My friend loss loads of weight and she agreed with me. I may not eat loads I just choose quick fixes.

Also I have now decided to seriously setting up my own business. I doing my research at the moment. To fit in with my life it would be an online business venture. I am also going to try and add pictures of my makeup looks on this blog. I buy so much I might as well share. Oh by the way. I went to christening and bought 3 Barry M dazzle eye shadow dust. It was on offer in Superdrugs 3 for £9.99. The colours just matched my dresses accent so much. I just love eye shadow. Purple is now my second favourite eye shadow colour after green. Gold is third.

I am done with negative people. I already know what is wrong in my life, what situations are not good for me. People just need to understand I am the only one living my life and only I can do me. I am working on the inner me, the spiritual me. I am just going to make sure that I take care of me really.

PS – My addictions seem to be eye shadow and books. Trying to cut down on those. Lip glosses are soon to be added to that list but I have more restraint. I was so tempted today to buy L’oreal lip gloss that was just so pink and sparkly it was calling my name. I put it back on the shelf and went and got the Pampers I went in the shop for in the first place.