I was browsing World Star HipHop when I came across this video. It is so painful to watch. The people in the video have been living in the street after being evicted from their tower block council homes so that they can be demolished and replaced with a new housing project.  Surely these ladies with babies and some heavily pregnant as you can see would not just decide to sleep on the street.

This incident occurred on July 21, 2010 in La Courneuve, France. The protest had been going on since 8 July 2010. The police are shown dragging mothers away knowing that babies are tied to their backs. In one scene you could see a baby almost squashed under its mum. Some of what I have read so far says that the government had offered very short term hotel housing, however the protests and squats developed out of a need for a more long term solution. The were only being offered 3 to 12 nights in a hotel. I thought these so called civilised countries in the west would have thought ahead of themselves and re-housed people before making them homeless.

I would love to know more about these ladies plight. Especially since the French government and police have tried to keep all cameras out. There is definitely more to this story.

This video gives some commentary below. There is some bias and the repoter comes across very flippant.

Read more here on CNN and check out MediaPart who filmed the footage. The site is in French but google can translate for you.