I am not clued up on what is the best funky house songs. Though I do try to broaden my musical tastes. I have always loved funky house. I love songs with a good vocal and occasionally instrumentals are fine.

I have been hearing this song throughout summer not knowing who was singing. Thankfully after listening to the latest mixtape by Figa DJ, I finally got to know who was singing. It is a track by Fuzzy Logik which features a singer called Egypt. Her voice reminds me of CeCe Peniston and many singers from that time. I am not saying it is spot on but it has that essence to it.

Her MySpace page says that she has been singing and writing songs from the age 12. She joined a group but soon left to pursue a solo career in 2000. She has been working hard ever since. I have listened to some of other tracks on her Myspace page and the potential to do well is there. Lets hope who she has a good team behind her. UK talent often gets wasted by record companies and execs that have no clue what to do.

The single is out on the 7th September 2009. Check out the video below and let me know what you think!