Previously it was mentioned Geoff Schumann was off the airwaves. He has now resurfaced . He will presenting a breakfast show on Life FM.

He says of his new show

“It’s gonna be a great breakfast show featuring talk and music, aimed at listeners between the ages of 16 and 35,40,” he explains. “The idea is for it to provide a mixture and not just deliver 24-hours of death and destruction. It’ll be similar to what I did on my show on Choice (FM) before they sacked me! Basically, I’m back and I’m very excited.”

In regards to his previous position he has this to say

“At the end of the day, I was dismissed because my style was deemed not right for the station’s future plans. And if you listen to Choice now, that decision was obviously right! I assume, I was deemed too controversial, but I make no apologies for that. The thing with me is that I’m not afraid to call myself black. I’m black— I’m not urban.” (source)

He goes on to say that in Britain the Black community need our own Oprah’s and Alan Sugars. People who hold power so to stop others dictating to us what we should be or aspire to. Which is true. Lets up we see them emerging sooner rather than later. Afterall entertainment and sports is not what we are all about.

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