I want to get fit. I spoke months ago about getting healthy but I have yet to master that plan. I have seen my weight increase but now that I am conscious of it, it has started to go down but not much yet. I am surrounded by people who do not believe me. That is fine. They do not have to. I must believe in myself and make that commitment to myself. So this week I began introducing 30 minute exercises to my week. I did Mr Motivators DVD BLT. It is soca aerobics and is split in sections so you can tailor it to suit you. I did not feel like doing everything so I did the Soca parts whilst my two sons thought I was just ramping. I managed it and felt it too.

I have other DVD’s too. Billy Blanks Tae Bo 2( I also have 2 VHS’). My most recent purchase was the Pilates weight loss for Dummies DVD. I have always wanted to try it out. I will need to take my time with it. Luckily the DVD gives you advanced and beginners to work from. Not forgetting the 10 minute workout by Erin on YouTube that I spoke of recently. I am considering buying Mel B’s DVD Totally Fit. It has got some really good reviews. In fact I think I will buy it.

As well as my DVD’s I also have a Reebok Yoga set ( it is just a matt and foam block and VHS), Reebok Aerobic Step, which I bought after watching various diet shows including X-Weighted where a fitness test consists of stepping up and down as many times as you can in one minute. Thought hey step aerobics. I also have Carl Lewis Cross Trainer and mini work out kit that consists of a thigh master trainer, skipping ropes, 2 light weights and these hand things that you hold and squeeze in your hand and fight the resistance. Not sure what that is supposed to achieve but it came in the kit.

So I have a lot of resources at home. I will be using these over the coming days and weeks until I am set in a routine. Any tips for using what I have. Please leave me a comment and do let me know any fitness or health sites worth checking out.