How many time am I going to tell myself I need to get healthy. My main problem is my inactivity. Yes I have two hyper active young ones. However I need more than just jumping up and down to Musical Mechanics and Johnny and the Sprites. Not even Mickey Mouse clubhouse can do it for me.

So do I start counting points again since it truly worked. Or do I devise my own health initiative. Or do I count points until I break my unhealthy snack habit and then tweak it so that I just eat healthy for life.

One thing I did not understand was that people attend meetings long after they have hit target and they still count points. I want to reach target and not feel the need to count points. Just turn an unhealthy habit into a healthy habit.

I am finding this video from Kerisha25 on YouTube inspirational. She is about the same height as myself. Self determination is the key.

Also this video makes me want to go out and get a video camera. If I do that I might just start making YouTube videos. LOL.

Now I need healthy food choices but keep it as West Indian or tasty as possible. Tips, books and website suggestions please share.