I so love a freebie in a magazine that is useful to me. If I was going on holiday the free flip flops and beach bags would have been great. Anyway the latest edition of Glamour Magazine is all about their Woman of the Year. I never really pay attention to this as the majority of the ladies featured I never know who they are or what they do. For a breakdown of winners that is very honest please check out Mad News Blog.
Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner cost about £14 and so does many of their other pencils. As the magazine only cost £2 I thought it would only make sense for me to buy couple more of this mag to make a saving. I subscribe to glamour as I make a huge saving. So I just had to buy two more magazines which I gave away to work colleagues sans makeup. I did not opt for the concealer stick as I would have had to use it on my foot bottom and what use would that be.
I like the eyeliners though I could do with some tips on the Eye Bright. Should I just use it in my waterline or just below in the bottom lash line? If I do not get an answer on here  I will have to tweet to find an answer.