I was just catching up on one of fave blogs I love to read. Even when I cannot be bothered to read there are celeb photo’s galore.
Anyway I saw this clip posted on SandraRose about Oprah giving Rihanna a warning. In the clip Oprah stresses the need for counselling and healing. Then stresses further “If a man hits you once, he will hit you again!”
Oprah points out that 1 in 4 American women and girls are victims of domestic abuse. According to Womens aid uk 1 in 4 women will fall victim to such abuse at least once in their lifetime. That is a lot of women. What is worst is that 2 women a week are dying at the hands of abusive partners or by their exe’s.

Just have a look at this article. A man was convicted of hammering to death his ex girlfriend and her two children. Her daughter was a rising star who appeared on Young stars in their eyes.

The saddest thing is love can be over blind. I know many friends who forgive and carry on with their abusive partners. I suppose unless you are in that situation you can never truly know what it is like. I have already told my husband and his ignorant friends if he was to ever try that 999 is my best friend on speed dial.
If you are in the UK need some advice check out the following links: