I had a lovely New Years Eve. My friends invited me to theirs for some food and drink and good company. I was in two minds whether or not to go. After all when you are not feeling joyful you do not want to spread that around the atmosphere. Well I don’t. If I did not get the invite I would have gone to church or stayed in.

I do not think I am slow driver. I will not say what speed I was going at on the M1 but I was weaving and cruising like I have been driving for years. I just could not take the drivers that were slowing me down in the fast lane. I had to go in the middle lane up my speed and then they realised they need to speed up. Any ways I reached safely and that is the important thing. Kids and passengers.

The food was lovely served, barbecue chicken wings, curry mutton, rice and fried dumplings. Yummy. It was washed down with various alcoholic beverages. We played a few drinking games. One to do with tapping hands on table and the person who messed up had to take a shot. I got caught a out a few times.drinking game1 The shots were not bad. In the picture there is a stand alone shot glass and also a shot glass in the middle of another drink. I was convinced the middle glass would lick me in my face but no that does not happen. I might have to repeat this game for my birthday in a few weeks time

These days you will find me reading spiritual books and doing something positive. I have no resolutions. I just want to as always make sure my children are happy, make sure I am happy and learn something new as often as possible. Not forgetting growing spiritually and getting oh so close to God through Jesus for He is the way.

Now if only I could get someone to give me a £10 so I can give my car a nice new years mini valet. That M1 drive has left it so dirty that it’s starting to look like a different shade.

The UK is freezing right now. Please no more snow. I hate driving when snow has left its mark.